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PET Lines

MEMCO offers different types of PET bottling lines with a diversity in production speed capacities. MEMCO supplies PET bottling lines with linear stretch blow molding machines for the low and medium range of production speeds. Whereas, for speeds higher than 40,000 BPH, the rotary stretch blow moulding machines in “COMBO” with fillers; would be the solution.

The range of rotary stretch blow moulding machines, featuring from six to 24 blow moulding stations, represents high-end equipment able to produce more than 64,000 bottles per hour in the standard half-litre format. The defining characteristic of rotary stretch blow moulding machine we offer, is its ability to produce in dual cavities on the same mould, containers with an external diameter of up to 75 mm. It is a solution that allows producers to optimize the number of cavities on the machine according to the real needs of the downstream filling machine.

COMBO machine (Blowing/Filling /Capping) offers excellent compactness and user-friendliness that make this an extremely interesting, advantageous solution for those looking to minimize the number of workers on the bottling line and reduce the risks of bottle contamination.

With our distinctive partnerships with world-renowned companies in the field of beverage industry, we are proud to have recently built a state- of-art factory with a production capacity of 200, 000 BPH according to the highest global standards and cutting-edge technology.



MEMCO Offers its MEMBLOW LCS series (PET stretch blow molding machines for Cold and Hot Fill Bottles), which successfully combines the proven simplicity and reliability with the most recent developments in the PET processing technology. User- friendly controls, high productivity, reduced maintenance and operating costs are part of the attractiveness of our MEMBLOW LCS series.


LCS Series – Fully Electric and Continuous Heating System PET stretch blow

  1. molding machine.
  2. Servo-Electric Technology.
  3. High Precision.
  4. High Reliability.
  5. Energy – Saving.


Feeding System

  1. Top mounted unscrambler for saving space.
  2. Multiple protection devices for precise Preform feeding and ejecting unqualified preforms.
  3. Continuous prerform feeding system.

Transfer System

  1. Compact prerform-chain pitches design for efficient heating and reduced energy consumption.
  2. Horizontal rotation transfer system to eliminate pre forms flipping.

Heating System

  1. Easy access to oven maintenance and lamp changing.
  2. Cooling ramps for maximum perform neck protection.
  3. Excellent ventilation system to ensure cool perform surface.
  4. Infrared heat sensor for preform temperature monitoring.

Transfer and Variable Pitch System

  1. Servo driven prerform transfer system with grips mounted on timing belt.
  2. Servo driven Variable Pitch System for quick transfer and precise prerfom location.

Blowing and Clamping System

Servo Driven clamping system with synchronized base mould operation. Pressure blowing system. Precision electromagnetic valves for fast responding time and high volume production.

Control system

10.4” LCD touch screen with 64K colors.


The MEMPACK series (CUPS rinsing / Filling / Sealing) offers the end user the utmost durability, efficiency and operator ergonomics while providing unprecedented level of statistical control and troubleshooting capability.

Operational Features:

  • Advanced index gear drive: The automatic index motion is achieved by special indexing drive with modified motion law which guarantees precise repeatable index, as well as smooth and shock-free movement even when working at the full speed of the machine.
  • Mechanical synchronization: The mechanical cam system synchronization between the main gear and the lid dispenser as well the container ejector, eliminates any adjustments to be done when working in different speed systems. • Simplified control panel: Ergonomic LCD with user friendly interface, easy menus and trouble-shooting massages.


  • The filling unit can be adapted to match any specific product requirement such as water, juice, milk, ice-cream and yogurt.
  • The high flexible technology of the MEMPACK series can accommodate infinite variants of tapered plastic or paper containers in round, oval, rectangular or square configurations.
  • You can enjoy the possibility of adding extra stations including a second filling unit, a cap dispenser and an in-line printer. Production rates up to 12.000 containers per hour, depending on the container and fill product characteristics.

MPP Series

MEMCO Pick and Place Case Packer is the new productivity solution for pick and place case packaging. The P. & P Case Packer fits into the tightest packaging lines for precision top-loading of cartons, cans, bottles, cups and other products in single or multiple layers. Gentle product handling vacuum or mechanical product pick up assure consistent case loading and product integrity. The P. & P. Case Packer system features heavy duty welded tubular construction, integrated touch-screen controls and diagnostics with a linear servo system capable of 5 cycles per minute.

System Operation:

Product is fed onto the pick and place case packers in-feed conveyor while preformed erected case is coming from carton erector feed on a second lower/parallel conveyor.

Once the proper amount of product is accumulated under the pick head, it is lifted/ picked and placed into a case or tray. When the case or tray is filled with the correct amount of product it is discharged so that the cycle can start again.

Features and Specifications:

  • S.S. AISI 304 Heavy welded tubular Construction.
  • Electro Servo- Drives.
  • Modular flat chain belt in-feed conveyor with articulated conveyor accessories.
  • Quick-release change parts for fast changeovers.
  • PLC controller with HMI operator control panel.
  • Fully Safety interlocked guarding system.
  • Precise product positioning.
  • Packs single and multiple layers.
  • Multi-Product/container handling.
  • Speed Up to 5 cycles/min.

Packer output speed varies and depends on product configuration.


MEMCO offers its innovative filling system for bottling, MONOBLOCK Series, with multi-configuration features that can be tailored to create a unique system for custom application.

Usages: Rinser, Filler and Capper

Flexibility: Maximum flexibility is featured by:

  • Rinsing System: With water, air, ozonated water, or sanitizing liquids.
  • Filling System: Gravity, vacuum, controlled pressure, electronic or volumetric.
  • Capping Systems: For pre-threaded plastic caps, pressure caps or cork caps.

Conveyers and Handling Systems

For almost 20 years, MEMCO has been designing and developing Conveyors and Handling Systems to ensure an automatic smooth transportation for your product along the production lines. MEMCO design engineers work hard to guarantee quality, maximum line efficiency, optimum use of the available space, reduction in personnel required, hygiene and reduction of operating noise level.

Types of Conveyors & Handling Systems Produced by MEMCO:

  • Air Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Belt conveyors.
  • Roller conveyors
  • Vacuum Conveyors
  • Cable Conveyors
  • Elevators Lowerators
  • Bagging Machines
  • De-Bagging Machines
  • Crate Stackers Crate
  • De-Stackers Palletizers
  • Crate Washers
  • Crate Dryers

MEMCO offers several types of conveyors that are tailor-made according to your very specific requirements with special materials to ensure advantages in wear life, sliding properties and noise reduction. This made MEMCO a reference for quality and high performance in this field.

Specifications & Advantages of MEMCO Conveyors:

  • Super low friction tracks.
  • Hygienic design is easy to keep clean.
  • Robust and efficient industrial drive.
  • Very smooth and quick running.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Strong support stands with stainless steel legs and polyamide feet.
  • Polyamide plastic side brackets.
  • Adjustable side guides and side brackets.
  • Pneumatic stoppers, pushers and lifters cylinders.
  • Adjustable speed AC induction motors.
  • Electrical control panel
  • PLC controlling.
  • Count mechanism optical sensors, Light detection optical sensor.
  • Dividers motorized by servo drive.
  • Safety sensors for excess loading.
  • Protection control system from product impact