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Cups Automatic Packaging Machine MPP1201

Production capacity: 12000 CPH

MPP1201 is a version of MPP series machines that is designed for the case packing of beverage plastic cups. This machine can be installed in line with the cups filling machines to provide a complete solution for an automatic filling and packaging process of the beverage plastic cups. The cups Pick & Place Case Packer machine features heavy duty welded tubular construction, integrated touch-screen controls and diagnostics with a linear servo system at a speed of 10 cycles per minute.

System Operation:

The Filled-in plastic cups are fed into the machine through an in-feed conveyor, while an erected case coming from the carton erector feed on a second lower/parallel conveyor. The in-feed cups are distributed through a servo divider into lanes and once the proper amount of product is accumulated under the pick head, a signal is generated to activate the vacuum head which is positioned in the programmed pick area, allowing pick up of the cups matrix and then the placement of the matrix in the target area. When the case is filled in with the desired number of cups layers it is then discharged so that the cycle can start again.

Features and Specifications:

  • S.S. AISI 304 Heavy welded tubular Construction.
  • Modular flat chain belt in-feed conveyor with articulated conveyor accessories.
  • Quick-release change parts for fast changeovers.
  • Fully Safety interlocked guarding system.
  • Packs single and multiple layers.
  • Multi-Product/container handling.
  • PLC controller with HMI operator control panel.
  • Software Guided Assembly with Error Free pickup and placement.
  • Servo driven, position feedback coupled with a precision placement head for precise product positioning.
  • Operates in both Manual and Automatic assembly modes.
  • Expandable component library containing package type, value, size, and orientation.