( CUPS Rinsing / Filling / Sealing )

Production Capacity: 12,000 CPH

The MEMPACK series (CUPS rinsing / Filling / Sealing) offers the end user the utmost durability, efficiency and operator ergonomics while providing unprecedented level of statistical control and troubleshooting capability.

Operational Features:

  • Advanced index gear drive: The automatic index motion is achieved by special indexing drive with modified motion law which guarantees precise repeatable index, as well as smooth and shock-free movement even when working at the full speed of the machine.
  • Mechanical synchronization: The mechanical cam system synchronization between the main gear and the lid dispenser as well the container ejector, eliminates any adjustments to be done when working in different speed systems.
  • Simplified control panel: Ergonomic LCD with user friendly interface, easy menus and trouble-shooting massages.


  • The filling unit can be adapted to match any specific product requirement such as water, juice, milk, ice-cream and yogurt.
  • The high flexible technology of the MEMPACK series can accommodate infinite variants of tapered plastic or paper contain ers in round, oval, rectangular or square configurations.
  • You can enjoy the possibility of adding extra stations including a second filling unit.¬†Production rates up to 12.000 containers per hour, depending on the container and fill product characteristics.