MEMCO offers different types of PET bottling lines with a diversity in production speed capacities. MEMCO supplies PET bottling lines with linear stretch blow molding machines for the low and medium range of production speeds. Whereas, for speeds higher than 40,000 BPH, the rotary stretch blow moulding machines in “COMBO” with fillers; would be the solution.

The defining characteristic of rotary stretch blow moulding machine we offer, is its ability to produce containers in dual cavities on the same mould. It is a solution that allows producers to optimize the number of cavities on the machine according to the real needs of the downstream filling machine.

COMBO machine (Blowing/Filling /Capping) offers excellent compactness and user-friendliness that make this an extremely interesting, advantageous solution for those looking to minimize the number of workers on the bottling line and reduce the risks of bottle contamination.

With our distinctive partnerships with world-renowned companies in the field of beverage industry, we are proud to have recently built a state- of-art factory with a production capacity   of 200, 000 BPH according to the highest global standards and cutting-edge technology.