Buckets Packaging Machine

Machine Description:

We propose to supply handling system to pick and press caps on juice powder buckets with the mentioned in this offer specifications, ink jet print on the buckets bottoms, erect empty cartons automatically and place them in position then pack the buckets in the cartons using robotic axis with a single pattern for each size, seal the cartons and eventually print on the cartons.

➢ MEMCO Capping machine is reliable and high productivity solution.

➢ The machine fits into the tightest packaging lines for precision top-loading of cartons, bags, cans, bottles, cups, and other products in single or multiple layers.

➢ Gentle product handling vacuum or mechanical product pick up assure consistent case loading and product integrity.

➢ Machine features heavy duty welded tubular construction, integrated touch-screen controls

Middle East Factory for Machines Co. Ltd.

Saudi company founded in 1998, serving the regional market with automated solutions.


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