Crates Stacker / Crate De Stacker

Concept of Work

The stacker consists of a stacking mechanism and an internal crate conveyor. The machine frame supports a crate gripping mechanism which clamps crates from opposite sides and lifts them. In the meantime, another row of crates arrives under, and the lifted row is placed on top of them. The whole cycle repeats until the desired number of layers is stacked. Crates are accurately positioned between grippers by means of pneumatically driven stops.

General Specification

    • S.S. Heavy-Duty welded tubular Construction.
    • S.S. Framework and safety guarding.
    • Mechanically / Pneumatically operated.
    • Easy to control the quantity of Stacked Crates (2-7 crate) from the


    • Pneumatic Crate stoppers cylinders.
    • Motorized lifting mechanism to raise both stacks of crates.
    • High mechanical and heat resistance bearing.
    • Designed to work in humid environment.
    • Discharge S.S chain conveyor and transfer unit with S.S roller chain for

    the stack


VFD for smooth operation.

      1. Crate location/engagement.
      2. Swinging doors.
      3. Low Noise.
      4. PLC Control.
      5. Speed Up to 30 Crate/min for each stacker.

Middle East Factory for Machines Co. Ltd.

Saudi company founded in 1998, serving the regional market with automated solutions.


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