Automatic drying system

High output conveyorized air knife drying system

High Output Conveyorized Air Knife Drying System:
The primary function of this system is to remove surplus water from the external surface of plastic pallets. It achieves this through the use of air knives, which generate a high-velocity air stream. This powerful air stream effectively blows away water droplets, leaving the pallets thoroughly dried. The high output of the system ensures efficient drying of a large number of pallets, contributing to increased productivity and reduced drying time.


Stainless Steel Frame with Adjustable Height Feet:
The entire machine is mounted on a frame constructed using S.S 40×40 welded tube. Stainless steel is chosen for its corrosion resistance and durability, making it ideal for industrial applications. The welded tube frame provides robust support and stability to the drying system, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. The frame is equipped with adjustable height feet, allowing the system’s height to be easily modified to match the production line or specific requirements.


Adjustable Guides for Pallet Tracking:
To ensure that the pallets stay on track throughout the drying process, adjustable guides are incorporated into the system. These guides, positioned on the sides and top, prevent the pallets from deviating from their intended path. The adjustability feature allows for quick and easy adaptation to different pallet sizes. By simply adjusting the guides, the system can accommodate various pallet dimensions within seconds. This versatility minimizes downtime and facilitates seamless transitions between different production runs.

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