Universal Palletizer



Interlayer between each layer, no on the pallet and no on the top.

Suitable to palletize different kind of product assuring accuracy, reliability, minimum overall, minimum spaces and quick format changeovers, automatically carried out by means of a keyboard Moreover Multiple-lines palletizers, suitable to handle different kind of products coming from more than one line, simultaneously.

There are also solutions suitable for serving more than one line simultaneously at a remarkable speed and accuracy. Capable of palletizing multiple SKUs at the same time utilizing the same robot.


  • Coated welded steel framework
  • Modular product chain conveyor driven by a Servomotor
  • No. 1 Robotic product pick & place units. Equipped with gripper rotation, longitudinal, and transversal movement capable of placing the products as set for the various layer formation schemes.
  • Modular product compacting conveyor driven by a Servomotor with vectorial inverter.
  • Layer pusher with anti-wear phenolic resin pushing blades with low friction coefficient driven by a Servomotor
  • Layer compactor with anti-wear phenolic resin compacting surface and blades with low friction coefficient, driven by a Servomotor with inverter and feedback encoder to verify correct positioning.

Middle East Factory for Machines Co. Ltd.

Saudi company founded in 1998, serving the regional market with automated solutions.


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